Rivalus – Short Cutz





  • Shed excess water weight.
  • 1.8 g SHORTCUTZ™ blend.
  • 7 concentrated botanicals.
  • L-carnitine and caffeine.
  • Tablet delivery form.


There’s no shortcutting the hard work and dedication that it takes to be great. But making the right moves outside the gym, field, or court can go a long way to enhance your training efforts.

The 1.8 g SHORTCUTZ™ blend includes 7 concentrated botanical extracts, plus l-carnitine and caffeine to help shed excess water, support fat oxidation, and boost metabolic activity. Used in combination with a nutrient-dense diet and well-structured training program, SHORT CUTS helps provide an edge to get you where you’re going a little faster.

Source: https://www.rivalusnutrition.ca/short-cutz


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